I wish we spent all of our time on the island at Vajra. The photos of the villa on this website are beautiful but fail to communicate just how special it really is Thinklear download. The accomodations are gorgeous but it is the peace and quiet, the sound of the waterfall by the pool, the meandering garden paths leading down the valley, the fireflies over the stunning rice paddies at night, the sound of the roosters crowing and fog in the valley in the morning and the music that can be heard coming from the nearby temple faintly in the background that make it so magical 범죄도시 2017. I had massages almost daily in the bale which wasn’t so bad either! We had day trips planned in and around Ubud but cancelled and decided to just stay at the villa for the majority of our stay 킹스맨 자막 다운로드. The staff are friendly and attentive although discreet and not in your face the entire time. Gusti the manager never missed a beat recommending great restaurants, booking them for us, arranging beauty treatments and driving us to Ubud centre and also taking us to an Ogah Ogah parade at a village nearby 다운로드. We mainly ate in the villa and the chef Ketut is very talented with the food very well priced. The owners are lovely and made the time to come over for a chat 다운로드. They are very interesting people, we enjoyed hearing about life in Bali from their perspective and learnt a lot. They are talented artists and a photographer and we enjoyed seeing some of their work 리믹스os 2.0. My family and I have been to Bali more times than we can count and have stayed in many private villas, I had my wedding in one of the most pricey villas on the island but we all agree that Villa Vajra has been our favourite so far gson 라이브러리. If you are in need of the ultimate rest and relaxation I absolutely recommend staying here.

Darwin, Australia